Home Smart Mesh is an IoT Framework that uses the nRF52 and nRF51 with a custom mesh protocol (without softdevice). A Raspberry pi is running MQTT Mosquitto, influxDB time series database and Grafana dashboard. All HW and SW is opensource on github.

  • Sensor Tags (Humidity, pressure, temperature, light, acceleration)
  • Dash Buttons and beacons
  • Routers (with sensors and status RGB light)
  • Raspberry pi with dongle receiver and server software

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Home Smart Mesh


Mesh Network Example

More about the Mesh Network Topology, Nodes roles description and the Radio packet protocol on the Mesh page.

Key Features

  • 2.4 GHz Mesh protocol
  • 100 % Open source
  • No softdevice : No closed source binary of higher priviledge
  • Dataflow Software from the sensor Nodes to MQTT, database and in the dashboard configuration.

Mesh Network


Grafana Dashboard

Graphana based dashboard, see here a HomeSmartMesh static example

Link opens a new window with grafana interactive snapshot

Simple configuration in Grafana that supports the influxDB as source. Allows easy exploration of data, by combining multiple measures in one view, and or multiple sensors of the same parameter.

The Grafana webserver allows the user to directly edit amd create new dashboards, change the time period of the displayed data, the refresh rate, the colors, units,… the whole dashboard is running stunningly fast although on a raspberry pi, that’s thanks to the efficiency of influxDB

InfluxDB time series database

This is a time series database that is optimized for sensors use case. When logging sensors, every measure has a timestamp. The open source free version is used here. It is limited to one server, but that is more than enough for a single user. That fits with the Home Smart Mesh concept where the user own his data on his local server.

3d print your own dash button

From the inside

More buttons

3d printed Dash buttons

The nRF52 Sensor Tag

nRF52832 sensor Tag using nRF SDK 15, low power @ ~20 uA, more on the nRF52 page

Wireless Sensors


Repo link Content
github nRF52 Mesh Firmware for the nRF52832 Sensor Tag based on the nRF SDK 15
  • Raspberry pi, c++ and python server and host controller interface.
  • mbed os for the STM32 bluepill Router
IoT_STM8 IAR studio projects for the legacy STM8L  sensor Tag


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