nRF52832 UART dongle

Board #

A usb dongle from the market that includes a 2104 serial to usb converter. Keyword search on shopping websites : nRF52832 USB dongle. Aka “nRF52832-YJ-17017-USB-UART”

Software #

RF to Serial Gateway #

The node connected through serial port will report messages in text format

  1. Local Events

Upon startup such message is sent

  1. Listening

Upon activation of the uicr config is_listening the node starts acting as a gatewy that will report messages through serial in text mode

  1. commands requests and responses

It is possible to reconfigure the Node on runtime and manage manage a mesh network by sending messages

cmd:0x<command id><arguments>
Command id Function Parameters
0x01 Set Node Id Node Mesh Short Identifier
0x02 Get Node Id
0x03 Set RF Channel 0:2400 MHz - 100:2500 MHz
0x04 Get RF Channel
0x05 Set Tx Power 0x04: +4dBm - 0xD8: -40dBm
0x06 Get Tx Power
0x07 Set Bitrate tbd
0x08 Get Bitrate
0x09 Set CRC 0 : No CRC - 1 : 8bit - 2 : 16 bit
0x0A Get CRC
0x0B Set UICR used uicr registers
0x0C Get UICR

Command examples #

Set channel 10/0x0A


get channel


Set Tx Power to -4dBm/0xFC


Set UICR e.g. RF Channel @ CUSTOMER[1] to channel 10


Send message, directed (not broadcast) with ttl = 2, ping(75/0x4B) from 73/0x49


Send message to execute on the RF target node 75/0x4B the command Set Tx Power to -4 dBm


Send message to execute on the RF target node 75/0x4B the command Set channel to 0x0A


Send request to execute on the RF target node 75/0x4B the command Set channel to 0x0A The only difference to the previous example is that an intermediate ack for the request is not required before getting the response


Switch between serial SERIAL and LOG over UART #


make conf

then switch both flags :

  • Application/APP_SERIAL_ENABLED don’t forget to save

Serial mode #

  • NRF_SERIAL_MODE_IRQ flag is not used by the driver and has equivalent function as NRF_SERIAL_MODE_DMA

  • ser_send() must be used with a variable in memory as DMA cannot read from Code in Flash

Flashing #

outside #

inside #

Components side #

SWDIO pins side #

pinout #

nRF52 pin
Rx P0.05
Tx P0.06
CTS P0.07
RTS P0.08
LED1 P0.28
LED2 P0.29

Needle adapter #

Making a needle adapter is made easier with 3d printing. The used pogo pin is seen below

Pogo pin

The adapter model still in preparation can be found here. It should look something like this:

Adapter model