Zephyr RTOS

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Windows #

Install #

The details are in the link above, the summary of the step for installing on windows are

  • Installing choco
  • Installing west dependencies with choco
  • installing west with pip
  • the retrieving the repo and building are performed through west
  • The compiler toolchain as multiple options
    • Zephyr own SDK, not available on windows
    • GNU ARM Embedded : to be installed on a path without spaces

e.g. for a path "D:\tools\gnu_arm_embedded\9_2020-q2-update\bin\arm-none-eabi-gcc.exe" GNUARMEMB_TOOLCHAIN_PATH shall be set to D:\tools\gnu_arm_embedded\9_2020-q2-update

Build and Flash #

west build -p auto -b nrf52840dongle_nrf52840 samples\basic\blinky
west flash
nrfjprog -f nrf52 --reset
Flashing this USB Dongle board requires one of the following options
  • Option1 Using the built-in bootloader only : uses nrfutils and requires the default bootloader to be already flashed
  • Option2 Using MCUboot in Serial Recovery Mode : requires building the MCUboot and using nrfutils
  • Option3 Using an External Debug Probe :
modifying the DTS

The board device tree source located in boards\arm\nrf52840dongle_nrf52840\nrf52840dongle_nrf52840.dts the end of the file should look like below after the modification

/* Include flash partition table.
 * Two partition tables are available:
 * fstab-stock		-compatible with Nordic nRF5 bootloader, default
 * fstab-debugger	-to use an external debugger, w/o the nRF5 bootloader
#include "fstab-debugger.dts"

&usbd {
	compatible = "nordic,nrf-usbd";
	status = "okay";

we notice that after that change the generated dts file is different build\zephyr\zephyr.dts

Linux #

Install #

tar -xf nRFCommandLineTools10121Linuxamd64.tar.gz
sudo dpkg -i nRF-Command-Line-Tools_10_12_1_Linux-amd64.deb

Build and Flash #

Testing blinky sample


tested version 2.5.99

cd ~/zephyrproject/zephyr/samples/basic/blinky
west build -p auto -b nrf52840dongle_nrf52840 -- -DCONF_FILE=prj.conf
west flash
nrfjprog -f nrf52 --reset