Home Assistant

Automations #

Symfonisk volume rotary remote #

The gola of this Automation is to adjust the volume of the sonos system with the rotation but also use the press to play pause another system wich is a smart Samsung Tv.

alternative to HA Integration : Without HA, it is necessary to pair the rotary remote with IKEA gateway, although it is enough to control the volume, it does not allow fine adjutment and combining functions with different devices.

Bluetooth #

BLE Bluetooth Low Energy #

  • This is a simple integration that tracks BLE devices and beacons without even requiring pairing (privacy notice might be required)

Bluetooth Mesh #

  • One investigation path for integrating Bluetooth mesh in Home Assistant is bridging it through an ip layer using the Bearer Layer of the BLE Architecture

BLE Mesh => IP => MQTT-SN => MQTT => Home Assistant


  • MQTT : Message Queuing Telemetry Transport, is a first class citizen in Home Assistant

Zigbee #

  • Zigbee : Low power mesh network, allows to extend the network with repeater devices e.g. zigbee light bulbs. This Home Assistant inetgration is based on Zigpy

Thread #

CHIP - Connected Home Over IP #

  • I’m still analyzing the options how CHIP can or will be integrated in Home Assistant

MQTT-SN over Thread #

  • MQTT-SN integration should be trensparent to Home Assistant and treated as any other MQTT connection
  • MQTT-SN is a light weight protocol that plays the role of a bridge between an MQTT broker and constrained devices that need to minimise payload and packets traffic. Therefore it’s appropriate for Low power wirelss mesh netwroks such as Thread