Home Assistant

Bluetooth #

BLE Bluetooth Low Energy #

  • This is a simple integration that tracks BLE devices and beacons without even requiring pairing (privacy notice might be required)

Bluetooth Mesh #

  • One investigation path for integrating Bluetooth mesh in Home Assistant is bridging it through an ip layer using the Bearer Layer of the BLE Architecture

BLE Mesh => IP => MQTT-SN => MQTT => Home Assistant


  • MQTT : Message Queuing Telemetry Transport, is a first class citizen in Home Assistant

Zigbee #

  • Zigbee : Low power mesh network, allows to extend the network with repeater devices e.g. zigbee light bulbs. This Home Assistant inetgration is based on Zigpy

Thread #

CHIP - Connected Home Over IP #

  • I’m still analyzing the options how CHIP can or will be integrated in Home Assistant

MQTT-SN over Thread #

  • MQTT-SN integration should be trensparent to Home Assistant and treated as any other MQTT connection
  • MQTT-SN is a light weight protocol that plays the role of a bridge between an MQTT broker and constrained devices that need to minimise payload and packets traffic. Therefore it’s appropriate for Low power wirelss mesh netwroks such as Thread